Important COVID Information Links

This site, which I am personally associated with, offers a unique solution to personal protection. All the home-made washable face-masks offered are created with a filter pocket, and every mask sold includes replaceable HEPA filters. Without getting too much in the scientific weeds (which the website does effectively) all face-masks are not equal. And HEPA filtration far exceeds 2.5 micron filters and any home-made mask solution. KN95 masks are also available at a very reasonable price.

More Great, Informative COVID Website’s
Visual – Click Image Below

At Visual Capitalist, it’s their goal to use data-driven visuals to explain the world around us. In the last week alone, they had more than 10 million people visit their site — many of them trying to understand more about COVID-19 and its effects on the economy and society. – Click on image below

Probably the best website to stay completely informed on COVID-19. Detailed statistics on all fifty U.S. States, 210 countries & territories. Daily real time statistics on cumulative infections, cumulative deaths, daily new infections, daily new deaths, cumulative recovered, daily active & serious cases for each country & state. Scale and bar graphs for most of above categories. The site has a very organized spreadsheet look, and each column can be re-sorted alphabetically or numerically up & down. Be sure to scroll down once you arrive at the site.

The History of Pandemics – Click on image below
Real-time COVID Map – John Hopkins University
The Coronavirus explained & what you should do  Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – World Health Organization