About Potlatch Foggarty


Anyone who really wants to know what is important to me only has to take some time and view my videos. While a many of my productions may seem partisan, many also reflect what I believe to be essential American values. I have two YouTube playlists available, Potlatch Politics and Potlatch Sings. Although I align myself today, with Democratic principles, I consider myself first and foremost an American. For more on my particular political views please see my blog and feel free to enter your own views and comments.

In addition to producing videos on issues I feel deserve attention, I also love writing music and singing live to online virtual world audiences. Following in my father’s footsteps, life’s path steered me to the Construction Industry, accordingly I never pursued the entertainment business. But about 14 years ago I did discover an audience, in online virtual world environments, and since have developed a modest following.

Admittedly, most people know very little about virtual worlds, but between the gran-daddy of virtual worlds Second Life and the OpenSimulator Project, well over one million active users create free avatars and log in every day to build, interact and attend live music shows at virtual venues built by other users.

If you would like to attend one of my live online shows, just email me and I’ll be happy to send my schedule along with how to create a free online account and create an avatar. There is some exceptional entertainment online if you know where to look. A great online entertainer and friend once told me, lol . . . “Pot, it ain’t Vegas, so don’t get the big head!” Come join the fun and let me sing a request for you!


Stay Safe Everyone,

Potlatch Foggarty